Special offer.

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible."
--Margaret Drabble

Mention this web offer when contacting us, and you will be eligible for introductory "try-us-out" pricing on a stakeholder survey. That could be as much as 30-50% off our regular fee!

Rivertide's user-friendly online surveys can be a first step in formulating plans that manage change: strategic plans, marketing plans, communications plans, fundraising plans, reorganization plans, or hiring and training plans.

You may want to learn from internal stakeholders such as employees or board members, or external stakeholders such as customers, members, donors or a broader community.

When you've decided which stakeholders to include in your survey, we will develop an initial "try-us-out" survey for your organization, with up to 15 questions, for as many as 150 recipients. A summary of the results of this initial survey will be delivered to you within 15 days of the time the survey is closed and the responses collected. All for
as much as 30-50% off our regular fee!

If you choose to work with us on interpreting the results of the survey, and applying the findings to an follow-on project, such as a strategic plan, we are happy to discuss that with you. If you'd simply like to keep the results, they are yours.

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